2023 Hidden Mountain Financial Policy

Barony of Hidden Mountain – Financial Policy                                                                           Approved by Financial Committee – 1/22/22                                                                                 Approved by Kingdom Exchequer – 

Financial Policy for Barony of Hidden Mountain

  1. Composition of the Financial Committee
    1. The Hidden Mountain Financial Committee (HMFC) consists of the Exchequer, the Seneschal, and all other paid members voting at a Baronial meeting.
  2. Terms of Financial Committee members.
    1. The Exchequer and Seneschal will remain members of the HMFC as long as their warrants are in effect.
    2. All other members will remain members of the HMFC as long as they retain paid membership.
  3. Timeframes and methods for meetings.
    1. Hidden Mountain holds Baronial meetings, known as Baronial Commons, monthly  on the second Saturday, unless changed by majority vote of the Barony.
    2. These meetings may be held in person or virtually via electronic meetings such as Zoom or Google Meet
    3. The Exchequer is responsible for recording a detailed tally of the financial votes and filing it in the Exchequer’s records to support any expenditures authorized by such a vote.
  4. Timeframes and methods for action approval under normal circumstances
    1. Financial votes shall be by a simple majority of the members participating.
    2. In the case of a tied vote the issue may be repolled or withdrawn for modification. Once an issue has been polled three times without modification without breaking the tie, the issue will be deemed to have failed.
    3. Any member of the HMFC may recuse himself or herself from any vote for any reason.
    4. A member of the HMFC who is unable to attend a meeting may appoint another as his/her proxy in writing.
  5. Timeframes and methods for meeting and approval in emergencies.
    1. The Emergency Hidden Mountain Financial Committee (EHMFC) consists of the Baronial Exchequer, Baronial Seneschal, and at least three other members. These members may not be family members of nor reside with, any other member of the EHMFC. The EHMFC shall include at least one resident of each Canton in the Barony.
    2. The Baronial Exchequer and Baronial Seneschal serve on the EHMFC as long as their respective warrants are valid. The term of office for other members of the EHMFC shall be two years.  Members may be elected for more than one term.
    3. Members of the EHMFC other than the Baronial Exchequer and Baronial Seneschal shall be elected by a majority vote of all paid members held at a regularly scheduled Baronial Commons.
    4. All members of the EHMFC must physically reside within the zip codes that define the boundaries of the Barony.
    5. All members of the EHMFC must maintain paid membership throughout their tenure. Failure to do so shall be considered tantamount to resignation from the EHMFC.
    6. The EHMFC may approve disbursements up to $500 without further consultation with the Barony, and over $500 with consultation at the next Baronial Commons.
    7. Emergency expenditures which require immediate attention (i.e., before a Baronial Commons can be scheduled or held) must be approved by a majority vote of the EHMFC with a full accounting to be given at the next Baronial Commons.
  6. Reporting Schedule for Branches – quarterly
  7. Reporting requirements for branch reports – Reports should include the following documents
    1. Financial activity such as a journal or ledger
    2. A current list of variances in effect
    3. Bank statements for all accounts for the quarter, signed by Exchequer and Seneschal
    4. The Excel report
    5. A pdf of the Excel report, signed by Exchequer and Seneschal
    6. Receipts for any expenditures
    7. Event reports, if any, including receipts
  8. Timeframes and methods for review and revision of the financial policy: Hidden Mountain Financial Policy (HMFP) shall be reviewed at least annually.
    1. Any changes or additions to HMFP as part of the annual review must be approved at a Baronial Commons by a majority vote of paid members of the Barony who are present at the time of the vote or who submit a written proxy to any member of the HMFC).
    2. If there no modifications to HMFP, continuation of the current policy must be explicitly approved at a Baronial Commons by a majority vote of paid members of the Barony who are present at the time of the vote or who submit a written proxy to any member of the HMFC.
    3. Current approved policy shall immediately replace all previous versions of HMFP.
  9. Methods for controlling cash receipts: Cash receipts shall include but are not limited to:
    event income of all types, money collected from advertised fund raising endeavors, donations, money from the sale of goods purchased with group funds, and newsletter sales and subscription income.

    1. Cash receipts of any type or amount must be deposited in the appropriate account no later than 14 calendar days after the receipt by an officer of the SCA. No incoming funds of any type are to be kept out of the appropriate account longer than 14 calendar days. Undeposited income of any type is not to be used for refunds, reimbursements or expenses.
    2. Use of online credit card acceptance services by SCA branches is restricted to approval by the Society Chancellor of the Exchequer. SCA branches are not to use the personal credit card acceptance account of an individual or other business under any circumstances.
    3. Minors may not serve as Head Gatekeeper/Troll/Reservationist/etc. for an event. Minors may assist at the gate collecting funds, making change, etc., under the oversight of an individual permitted by the SCA’s Corporate Policies to serve as an officer, who will be ultimately responsible for the accounting of the funds passing through the gate. At least one paid adult member of the SCA must be present and in charge anywhere SCA money is collected.
    4. A paid adult member of the SCA must be in charge of the gate functions at any event where money is collected in the name of the SCA. Site owners may additionally oversee the gate operations, but the final responsibility for the funds collected in the name of the SCA must remain with an authorized paid SCA member who does not have a financial or material interest in the ownership of the site itself.
    5. Disbursements
      1. Two signatures are required on all checks.
      2. No individual who is a signatory on the account may draft a disbursal in his or her own name.
    6. Policies regarding event admission charges, refunds, or complimentary passes.
      1. Event Fees – All those attending an event shall pay fees according to the approved budget and published rate schedules with the exception of those individuals noted under Gratis Attendees below.
      2. Gratis Attendees
        1. The Baron/Baroness of Hidden Mountain may attend Baronial events free of charge.
        2. The Crowns and their Heirs may attend Baronial events free of charge.
  • Others may attend free of charge at the discretion of the autocrat, provided such is detailed in the event budget.
  1. Refunds
    1. All requests for refunds shall be made in writing prior to the end of the event.
    2. Refund requests from those not in attendance at the event should be made via email to the autocrat and/or Baronial Exchequer at their published email addresses. Such requests must be dated no later than midnight of the day of the event.
  • All refunds will be at the discretion of the HMFC. While the Barony makes every effort to honor refund requests, it reserves the right to refuse requests received after completion of the event, requests associated with unprofitable events or for feast seats cancelled less than 24 hours before feast which cannot be resold.
  1. All refunds will be made by check drawn on the Hidden Mountain account to be mailed no later than 15 days after the end of the event.
  2. The Hidden Mountain Refund Policy shall be posted on the Hidden Mountain web site and at the check-in for each event.
  1. Other Monies
    1. All other monies shall be handled in accordance with Atlantian Financial Policy. In particular, all cash must be deposited in the Hidden Mountain account.
  2. Policy regarding asset management and control of inventory including trailer policy
    1. TRAILERS – N/A
    2. Baronial Property:
      1. The Barony may appoint a Baronial Chamberlain who shall be responsible for managing the storage of Baronial property and guaranteeing its availability when needed. The office if vacant defaults to the Baronial Exchequer.
      2. The Baronial Chamberlain in conjunction with the Baronial Exchequer shall keep a list of Baronial property and its location.
  • The Baronial Chamberlain and Baronial Exchequer shall be notified of any Baronial Property removed from its normal location. Such notification may be by either a paper receipt signed and dated by the recipient or by an email sent to the Exchequer and Seneschal within a week of the change of location.
  1. Anyone with custody of Baronial property shall be responsible for its care and maintenance.
  2. Maintenance of the Baronial pavilion shall fall under the standard procedures for Baronial expenditures.
  1. Prohibited Activities
    1. RAFFLES AND ONLINE AUCTIONS are prohibited.
    2. FIREWORKS – The purchase, ownership or sale of fireworks is prohibited. The purchase of professional fireworks services is permitted, with approval by the Board of Directors. To request permission from the Board, the branch must request approval through the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Exchequer who will contact their Society Superiors for instructions.
  2. Policy on sales tax : N/A
  3. Special Purpose and Dedicated Funds: Temporary Allocated funds may be established for use as short-term obligations occur. These funds shall not exceed one calendar year or the designated period of use, whichever is longer. Funding for temporary funds and an expiration date shall be specified upon establishment of the fund. Any funds remaining after the expiration of the time limit will revert to the general (unallocated) fund.
    1. Fund name/description – War of the Wings (WoW) Wall Fund
    2. Primary Purpose – Construction of a cloth wall to surround the Hidden Mountain encampment at WoW.
    3. Secondary Purpose – General Fund
    4. Inactivity Expiration – 12/31/2022
  4. Event Responsibilities
    1. Event Budgets and Reports:
      1. A budget shall be submitted with each bid, to include all projected event expenses.
      2. Event bids shall be provided to the Seneschal and Exchequer at least three months prior to the month of all events.
  • All budgets or modifications thereof over the original budget must be approved by the HMFC.
  1. Event expenditures in excess of approved budgets will only be reimbursed after explanation of the overage and formal approval of the emendation to the budget by a formal majority vote of the HMFC.
  2. The autocrat is responsible for completing an event report within 14 days after the event and providing a copy to the Baronial Exchequer, including all receipts.
  1. The Baronial Exchequer is responsible for ensuring that a financial report on the event is presented at the next Baronial Commons.
  2. Reservations and Gate:
    1. The autocrat in conjunction with the Baronial Exchequer shall designate an individual to receive advance reservations for the event (reservationist) and an individual responsible for event check-in and on site fee payment (head troll).
    2. The members of the HMFC apart from the Baronial Exchequer shall play no ex officio role in selection of event staff.
  • Both reservationist and head troll serve as temporary deputies to the Baronial Exchequer. As such they must be over 18 and paid members of the Society.
  1. The same individual may serve as both reservationist and head troll.
  2. All monies, cash or check, received in advance reservations or at the gate shall be handled in accordance with Atlantian Financial Policy.
  3. If the reservationist is not also the head troll, he or she must provide an accurate reservation and payment report to the head troll before gate opens at the event.
  • The head troll is specifically responsible for ensuring the safety of all moneys and records pertaining to on site payments, of reconciling those records with the Baronial Exchequer and for maintaining custody of any funds until such time as they can be transferred to the Baronial Exchequer for deposit.

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