2023 Hidden Mountain Book of Policy

Hidden Mountain Book of Policy
(As Approved: March, 2023)
1 The Barony Defined
1.1 The Barony of Hidden Mountain (hereafter called the Barony) is a region within the
Kingdom of Atlantia, being one of the Laurel Kingdoms of the Society of Creative
Anachronism. The Barony geographically consist of the following counties in South
Carolina: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Clarendon, Colleton, Dillon, Dorchester,
Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Jasper, Marion, Orangeburg, and Williamsburg.
2 Basis of Policy
2.1 The Barony and its officers shall adhere to Corpora, the Atlantian Great Book of Laws,
Kingdom of Atlantia Policy, State Law, and Federal law which supersede Baronial
policy in all things.
2.2 The Barony shall strive to follow the words of its Charter, being Granted on the 24th day
of March AS XVII by the hand of Their Royal Majesties Olaf and Aislinn.
2.3 Hidden Mountain Book of Policy (hereafter referred to as HMBP) shall be reviewed
annually within the first quarter of the calendar year and a copy maintained by the
2.4 Changes to the HMBP shall be made by a majority vote of paid members at a Baronial
Business meeting or Curia.
2.5 HMBP shall be maintained on the Baronial Web Page.
2.5.1 In case of a discrepancy between HMBP, reproduced copies or electronic
versions, the one true copy of HMBP that is held on the Baronial web site and
maintained by the Seneschal has precedence.
3 Offices
3.1 The Barony shall maintain offices as required by Corpora, Atlantian Great
Book of Laws and Kingdom of Atlantia Policy and may also include additional offices as
deemed necessary.
3.2 All officers shall provide the Baronage with a courtesy copy of all reports and keep the
Baronage apprised of any important issues affecting the Barony of Hidden Mountain.
3.2.1 This officers report will be communicated at the monthly Baronial Business
3.3 Office Vacancies
3.3.1 All vacancies shall be published in the Mountain Mayhem (the Baronial
newsletter), Baronial official web site, and official social media (e.g.
Facebook), prior to installing new officers.
3.3.2 Written letters of intent (electronic or otherwise) shall be required for all
officer applications and shall be submitted to the Seneschal. The Seneschal may set a deadline for receiving letters of
intent for any office.
3.3.3 All applications to any office require a popular vote of paid members at the
Baronial Business meeting to determine if the Barony will
recommend them to the respective Kingdom Officer for warranting.
Candidates must be paid member and maintain through their whole term.
3.3.4 Upon resignation or expiration of warrant, the outgoing officer will surrender
all files, material, and equipment pertaining to their respective office within 14
calendar days to either the Seneschal or the new officer.
3.3.5 If an office suddenly becomes vacant, the outgoing Officer’s primary (or“drop
dead”) deputy may assume the office at the discretion of the Seneschal on an
interim basis until the requirements are met for filling the office vacancy. If there is no deputy, then the Seneschal assumes the
responsibilities of the office until a new officer is found.
3.3.6 If the office that suddenly becomes vacant is the office of Seneschal and there
is no drop dead deputy, the group is immediately put under suspension by the
Kingdom Seneschal in accordance with the Kingdom of Atlantia Book of
Policy, Section 1., 1.1, 1.1.1 – ‘Every Group must have a Seneschal’.
3.4 Officer Removals
3.4.1 Officers who do not attend two consecutive meetings and who do not send in
a report for two consecutive Baronial meetings may be recommended to their
respective Kingdom Officer for removal.
3.4.2 Baronial Officers not in compliance with the Corpora, Atlantian Great Book of
Laws, Kingdom of Atlantia Policy of their office may be recommended to their
respective Kingdom Officer for removal. The Seneschal shall attempt to
contact the Baronial Officer prior to the recommendation. Documentation of such efforts should be included in the
recommendation to the kingdom officer and in the seneschal’s quarterly
report and permanent records.
4 Meetings
4.1 The time and location for the next Baronial Meeting shall be decided at
the current meeting and published in the Mountain Mayhem (the Baronial
Newsletter), the Baronial webpage and on the official social media group
(e.g. Facebook).
4.2 The Baronial Meeting shall normally be held every month.
4.3 The Baronial Seneschal shall contact the Baronial Officers for emergency changes
and the changes may be relayed via email and social media posts. i.e, text msg., or other
electronic means.
4.4 Baronial Officers and Canton Seneschals are expected to attend the monthly
Baronial Meetings. If unable to attend, they should contact the Baronial
Seneschal prior to the meeting. Officers not attending should send a written report by
4.4.1 The Seneschal may set a deadline for receiving the report.
4.5. Business Meeting Minutes (Notes)
4.5.1 Business meeting minutes must be taken at each meeting by the seneschal in
accordance with Kingdom of Atlantia Policy or someone the seneschal designates
to do so. The minutes should record all business that transpired from the time the
meeting starts to the time the meeting closes. The business meeting minutes must be published within 14 days from the
date of the business meeting. They should be published on the Baronial web page
and may publish on official social media (e.g., Facebook). They should be included
in the seneschal report published in the Barony newsletter, The Mountain Mayhem and  included on the official Baronial webpage.
5 Publications
5.1 All Baronial publications should go through the Baronial Chronicler’s office.
5.2 The Barony shall publish a monthly newsletter in accordance with the
Atlantian Great Book of Laws and Kingdom of Atlantia Policy.
5.2.1 The newsletter shall be called the Mountain Mayhem.
5.2.2 The Mountain Mayhem shall be available on the Baronial web page.
5.3 All letters of intent for territorial Baronage will be published in the Mountain
6 Events
6.1 Event Budget and Reports
6.1.1 HMBP will conform to Hidden Mountain Financial Policy in all matters
regarding events and budgets.
6.2 Autocrat
6.2.1 Selection Prospective Autocrats shall submit a bid which includes an Event
Proposal form, a Budget, and Proof of membership that extends
through the event date to the Baronial Seneschal and Exchequer. If there are multiple event bids for the same event or event date then
event proposals will be presented to the populace at a Baronial
meeting. A majority vote of paid members will determine the
6.2.2 Removal If it is determined by the Seneschal and a major vote of Baronial
Officers that the Autocrat for a Baronial Event is in willful
noncompliance with Corpora, Atlantian Great Book of Laws or
Kingdom of Atlantia Policy, and Baronial policies, then the
Autocrat will be removed as Autocrat for the event. If an Autocrat is removed from Autocrat duties, the baronial
Seneschal will handle the Autocrat responsibilities for the event until
a new Autocrat is selected. If an Autocrat is removed from Autocrat duties for an event, a new
Autocrat will be selected through a majority vote of the Baronial
6.3 Event staff
6.3.1 The event staff shall be selected by the Autocrat.
6.3.2. Event staff must be in compliance with Corpora, Atlantian Great Book of
Laws or Kingdom of Atlantia Policy.

7 Baronial Property

7.1 HMBP will conform to the Hidden Mountain Financial Policy in all matters
regarding Baronial Property

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