Events – Tournament of Silver Chalice

Pray attend for this is an announcement to all the lands near and far!

The Barony of Hidden Mountain

invites you to the

Tournament of Silver Chalice

                                    September 24, 2022                                  

Are you a novice in a discipline, a beginner, or a new person in the SCA? Then this Event and competition is for you!

Could you be the one to win this year’s Silver Chalice?

Whether a novice, experienced, or just here to socialize after the long Plague –  please join us for this populace participation event! Show or share what you can do or want to try whether it be Marshall Skills (Heavy, Rapier, or youth), Arts & Science, or whatever your specialty may be. If you are not a novice and would like to show and share please come and display what you have in any stage it is in. Please come join us, too! Everyone is encouraged to attend, share your enthusiasm, teach, and/or display your arts.

Please join us for this low stress, come back from the plague, eat a feast together, and share your time & talents with like-minded people type of Event.

Yes you , you are needed to cast a vote in A&S, give a life to a fighter, and maybe grant a wish!

More information to follow. If you have any questions please contact me, Constantia in der Lachun constantia2008[at]


Fighting Scenarios

Fighting: There will be the traditional Novice Tourney and a Prize Tourney for the fighters for                        both Heavy and Rapier categories. If you have never won a Tournament, you are                            considered a novice for this event.

As per Sir Heinrich: The formats for the tourneys will be determined by number of                          participants available to ensure maximum amount of test to determine the champion                    of the day.

There will be a Youth Tourney.

There will be populace participation from the gallery.

Arts and Sciences for Silver Chalice

We are looking for Baronial Colors of Black and White in the items you enter or display. Documentation PREFERRED, but NOT REQUIRED.  A display area with properly clothed tables and notecards will be available for both the competitions and displays.

Novice – Competition for The Silver Chalice- Novice A&S is defined as a field of study practiced less than 2 years.  A completely new skill to you, or you have never won an A&S competition. Please show us your cool new thing! Low pressure, write down what you have done on the E-Z Doc form used by the Kingdom of Atlantia and that’s all the documentation needed. If you would like to do more documentation, all the better. There will be printed forms or note cards available at site if you can’t find it online. Truly no pressure.

 Experienced – Competition – Experienced A&S is defined as a field of study practiced MORE than 2 years. E-Z Doc form used by the Kingdom of Atlantia and that’s all the documentation needed. If you would like to do more documentation, all the better. You can find your discipline at this link found at the bottom of the page.

Largesse competition  – There will be a *Dirty 1/2 Dozen competition of your chosen medium in Baronial Colors of Black and white and/or Motif, the Mountain.

*Dirty 1/2 Dozen competition – you make 7 items to donate, i.e., 7 pouches, 7 bracelets, 7 sewing kits, etc. 6 of those items go towards largesse for the Barony and the 7th item goes to the winner of populace choice.

Populace Choice – Silver Beads are provided and found on your site token. Place a bead in the bowl in front of the item you select as your favorite.

A&S CLass Schedule

Please contact the A&S coordinator- Lady Esme- for space to display your materials in the Hall and with any other needed support (i.e., electrical outlet).

Feast: Cooked by Mistress Tegan Based on a German document.

Merchanting: Merchants are welcome, please direct any questions to the Event Steward about space.

Other: Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.


Daytrip Feast
Adult Member Registration 5.00 $10.00 $0.00
Adult Non-Member Registration 10.00 $10.00 $0.00
Youth (5-17) 3.00 $10.00 $0.00
Child (0-4) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Make checks Payable to:  SCA, Inc., Barony of Hidden Mountain

Pre – Registration: SCA-rs link  – Checks, money orders, and cash will also be taken. Checks and money orders can be snail mailed no later than September 14, 2022, to Mistress Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane (E. L.Wimett), PO Box 522, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465, Phone: (843) 209-1425, E-mail: silverdragon  at

Refund Policy: From the Hidden Mountain Fiscal Policy All requests for refunds shall be made in writing prior to the end of the event.

  1. Refund requests from those not in attendance at the event should be made via email to the autocrat and/or Baronial Exchequer at their published email addresses. Such requests must be dated no later than midnight of the last day of the event.
  2. All refunds will be at the discretion of the HMFC. While the Barony makes every effort to honor refund requests, it reserves the right to refuse requests received after completion of the event, requests associated with unprofitable events or for feast seats cancelled less than 24 hours before feast which cannot be resold.

Site: The site will be the lovely Harleyville Community Center, 163 S. Railroad Avenue, Harleyville, SC 29448. Site opens at 08:00 and closes at 10:00PM.

Site Restrictions: No camping onsite. Day shades and pop-ups allow. This is a Dry site. No open fires are permitted on site. Also, no smoking except in designated areas. No animals in the indoor areas.

Directions: Take your best route to Exit 177 (SC-452) on I -26. Take the exit towards Harleyville and continue for about 1.3 miles until 453 intersects at a T junction with SC-178 (Main Street). Turn left and continue until you cross the railroad tracks after about a third of a mile. Immediately after the tracks turn right onto South Railroad Avenue. The Community Center will be at 163 on your left. There will be signage for the site and for parking.

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