Events – 2022 Silver Chalice Fighting Scenarios

Let there be Inspirational Combat Upon the Field –

Populace Favor:  Each person through troll will receive a ribbon (Children White and Adults – Black) to be presented to the fighter who’s deeds of the day inspire them most. The inspiration of the fighter who holds the most Ribbons at Closing Court will be presented with a prize.

Heavy:  A Tournament within a Tournament!  Novice Fighters (The Silver Chalice) will Join the Prize List with the two best fighters from each list to meet in separate final rounds.  A best 2 of 3 final round for Novice (The Silver Chalice) to determine each Victor.  The Format will be Round-Robin, Self-Assigned and Self-Reported.  Translation:  Pair up on your own, report win/loss to the MOL, rinse and repeat until you have fought every opponent in the list.  Best two Novice will Final in 2 out of three / Best two of overall will Final in 2 out of three.

Heavy Authorizations: Are available beginning at 0830 and close promptly at the start of the Tournament.   Authorizations completed prior to the start of the tournament are welcome to join the list. Note: Circumstances may dictate that a fighter join the list after the tournament has begun – entrants should be prepared to engage all comers in the event the list grows.

 Rapier: We will conduct a double elimination tournament. Two Fighters with the best record on the day will compete in a best two of three final for the Chalice.

Rapier Authorizations: As Needed, Starting at 0900.

Youth: Will be determined on the day according to the number of fighters. The Youth Finals will be conducted prior to the Heavy Finals.

Youth Authorizations: As Needed

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