If you have a photo you would like to have included on this site, send it to the web minister along with the full name of the person who took the photo, and the full names of the person/people in the photo.

To keep things legal and in compliance with SCA rules you may need to complete a release form giving  permission to:

  1.  To use a photo of you, if in a private setting, or a portrait – fill out “SCA Model Release Form”
  2. To use a photo you have taken – fill out – “SCA Photograph Grant of Use Form”
  3. To use any writing you may want to submit, or for you to be quoted – fill out “SCA Creative work Copyright Assignment/Grant of Use Form”


If you are so inclined, filling out ALL three forms now can save time for us in the future. They will be kept on file and you will only need to do it once, however it is your choice what to do…

 SCA MODEL RELEASE FORM – If we use a portrait of you, or the pic was taken in a private place.

PLEASE check OPTION #1 and put “anyone” in the space for the person who took the photo,  that way there does not need to be multiple forms depending on who submitted the photo,   OR    select the LAST option just before it says; ” I affirm and agree”.   Of course you can choose any other option, but these two will make it the easiest for all of us in the long run.  If you have children in the pictures, I need a form for them as well,

SCA PHOTOGRAPH GRANT OF USE FORM – If you took the picture.

PLEASE select “perpetual grand of use”

SCA CREATIVE WORK COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT/ GRANT OF USE FORM – To quote you, or use your written words.

PLEASE select option 1, OR the last option under “Other Options”, so one form will be all that is necessary  for future uses

The forms can be printed and mailed in, or digitally signed.  They cannot be used without one or the other type of signature.

All external links are not part of the Barony of Hidden Mountain’s web site.  Inclusion of a page or site here is neither implicit nor explicit endorsement of the site.  Further, SCA. Inc. is not responsible for content outside of



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