Baronial Meeting Minutes – 2019

Hidden Mountain Baronial Commons

Feb. 2019

Meeting came to order at 2:00 pm on February 2 at Baroness Cecilia’s home in Florence, SC.

  1. Officer Reports: If any changes or new information, please let us know, otherwise we will pass on the Officer Reports at this time.
    •   MOL: Per KMOL, Unevent counted as our required class for the MOL warrants, however, thewarrant system is not recognizing this and instead listing anyone who hasn’t completed the MOL 101 class within the last 2 years as having an expired warrant (which includes Lady Qulan’s). The KMOL is aware of the problem and is working to correct the issue. Meanwhile the progress with the Fighter database has progressed such that now all MOL’s that service an event are expected to update the authorizations online after an event and submit the paperwork via fax or scanned report to the KMOL within 15 days of the event. This way all the fighters will have up to date cards including Youth fighters. Due to this, any fighter looking to authorize will need to have his/her AEL log in to put on the form otherwise the information cannot be updated. This also means that if a fighter is missing their physical card they can use an electronic version of it but if the site does not have service then you must have the card. If he fighter doesn’t have the card, they will not be allowed to fight without verification of authorization. Temporary cards will still be issued for now.
    •   Marshal: Sir Hrothgar and Lord Robert the Banished’s warrants are still good.
  2. “Cape Swap”: Master Thylacine stepped down as Baronial Exchequer as Master Geoffrey “Bish” D’Ayr stepped up to this position. To accommodate this, Master Geoffrey stepped down as Baronial Seneschal. To fill this position, Baron Ingvar Erlingson stepped up to become Baronial Seneschal to which he also had to step down as Tear Seas Shore’s Seneschal. Mistress Alisoun willingly stepped up to fill the Tear Seas Shore Seneschal position. The proposed swap of officer positions was voted on and pass unanimously.
  3. Olde Business:
    •   Trim: Mistress Alisoun sent to size (scale drawing) in the works-quick turn-around time.
    •   Directory: Copies were passed out and will be available in electronic form with links to OP page. Ifsomeone was given and filled out permission form please forward to Mistress Alisoun.
    •   New Walls for Baronial Encampment: Baronage will speak with Lord Getulio d’Amalfi at MannanonMac Lir event.
    •   Mannanan Mac Lir event: good reservations, great entertainment and Baron Ingvar went over the  menu.
  •   Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday: 3 paid reservations currently, TSS: Baron Roibeard, Misty Marsh: Pam Pace, and Moorhaven: Nona. Flyer up, demi: will speak with Sala
  •   Warrior’s Games: Brigit is the autocrat- July in Harleyville.
  •   Fall Crown Tourney: Mistress Alisoun MacCoul is autocrat, location is Bennettsville with last year’spricing, Kingdom Events have approved budget. 3 Barons are feastocrats. Expected attendance= both Barony and Kingdom could make $1000. Budget was presented and unanimously approved. Flyer goes up Saturday after Spring Crown with a Pay pal option. Writing of the check for the site was put forth, seconded and unanimously approved.
  •   New Baronial Serving Gear: Serving set for 12 table settings.
  •   Silver Chalice: Lady Esme Bramley is the autocrat, currently looking for a site anywhere in theBarony with a cost of about $400, and trying to schedule for the last week in September.

4. New Business:
 Fundraising: need new suggestions of how to increase funds for both Barony and cantons.

o Katherine of the Doves: has a Dance demo at her Elementary School, cash to teach dance? o MistyMarsh:3/11/20198amto12pmDemoatMooreMiddleSchool:500+6thgraders
o Boy Scouts demo 4/13/19 at Camp Coker

 Lord Patris: on demand hot water heater noted to explore issue with NC.

5. Upcoming Events:

  •   February 9, 2019: Tourney of Mannanan Mac Lir- Givans Ferry Park
  •   February 22, 2019: Tourney of Ymir- Mebane, NC
  •   March 2, 2019: Kingdom A&S Festival- Mebane, NC
  •   March 22-24, 2019: HMBB- Bennettsville, SC
  •   April 5-7, 2019: Atlantian Spring Coronation- Ellerbee, NC
  •   April 20, 2019: Feast of the Dragon- South Carolina
  •   Next Commons:
  •   March 9th at Lord Patris and Lady Slaine’s home (Patrick and Kelsey’s)
  •   April 13th at Master Bishop Geoffrey’s homeWith no further business to attend, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Jan. 2019

 Meeting occurred at the home of Baron Ingvar Erlingsson and began at 1435.

Exchequer: Mistress Alisoun stepping down as Regional Exchequer after Doomsday. About $5000 in account currently.

Herald: Patrick– Looking to extending warrant until at least the end of the Baronial term. Marshall – not present Chronicler-

Baronial Directory update: Make as a PDF. Hard deadline of 1/1/2019 for submission of release forms. Working with Webminister to create a private list of all releases from our Barony. Will provide more info as project progresses.

A&S – Walls will have a few folks checking on canvas prices. Will get results at next meeting with a breakdown of budget including ropes/poles/paints, etc.

Baroness- wants to have a Pinnacle meeting at Manannan.

Baronial Birthday XXXV- Basic info spiked. Waiting to see final budget. Need to get flyer in to Acorn.

Fall Crown – Would like to put in a bid for Fall Crown by end of the month. Waiting to hear from the Girl Scout office, otherwise budget ready to go.

Baronial serving gear– on order. New inventory needs to be done.

New Business:

Fundraising opportunity. We have been asked to teach medieval dance at an elementary school in Myrtle Beach for a stipend of $250. Need age and # of students.

Silver Chalice- looking for a site.

Tear Sea’s Shore: Manannan update given. Will do luncheon for Princess (pizza!) Mistress Alisoun is taking reservations. Flyer in Acorn.

Warriors Games. Site secured. Brigit needs to Spike it.

 Upcoming meeting dates confirmed for 2019:

1/20 TSS Paul and Sig’s.

2/2 Commons-in Florence at Baroness Cecelia

2/17 TSS at Yvonne’s.

3/9 Commons– at Patrick and Kelsey’s

3/17 TSS Bish’s.

December – No Meeting

November, 24, 2018

Officers Reports

  1. Baronage– Roibeard & Cecilia

Nothing to report.

    1. Seneschal – Geoffrey d’Ayr – Seeking potential replacement
    2. Exchequer –Thylacinus Aquila – Seeking replacement for this Spring
    3. Marshall – Hrothgar Ravensson – Marshallate Warrants – Both Hrothgar and Robert ‘s warrants expire in January; please renew your warrants and send copies to Seneschal (me) for files. & need fencing marshall. Sir Hrothgar also wishes to get a ‘roaming’ fighter practice together for the barony.
    4. Herald – Patris de Terra Lepori

Nothing to report at this time.

    1. Arts & Sciences – Esme  Bramley

Fiber arts ‘lending library’ is looking to expand! We have many projects up and running in Moorhaven and beyond. Esme also spoke to Yvonne Montclair, who says that she has a workshop space up and running on her property. Bish and Bambi also mentioned that they have plenty of patterns to lend out if need be.

    1. Chronicler – Qulan Chagan

No report

    1. Chatelaine – Slaine inghen ui Seachnaseigh

We had a great demo at the beach and we had several people interested.

    1. Youth Minister – Katherine of the Doves

Yafa meeting coming up. Kingdom policy currently states that children must be within sight and sound of parents of all time.

    1. Lists Minister – Caissene Ingen Fhaelain – STILL looking for a new Baronial MoL
    2. Web Minister – Umm Samin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya

            Doing a great job, got the website up to date!

    1. Clerk Signet = Umm Samin bint Asad al Isfahaniyya

She’s working on backlog scrolls, and if you need a backlog scroll done, please get  into contact with her.

    1. Tear-Sea’s Shore – Ingvarr Erlingsson
    2. Misty Marsh – Bridget O’Shea                         All 3 cantons still standing!
    3. Moorhaven – Patris de Terra Lepori
  1. Olde Business
    1. Baronial Trim – Baron Roibeard

A few kinks need to be worked out with the trim, but in is now in Bambi’s capable hands.


    1. Baronial Directory – Alisoun MacCoul

Please get into contact with Bambi in order to fill out the waiver. You can’t be included on the Directory without signing the waiver.

    1. New Walls for Baronial Encampment – Roibeard & Cecilia

Since everyone had ‘wall envy’ at WoW, Getulio is working on a non-stone sheet wall. He will bring together a budget proposal for us.

    1. Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday –March 2019 – Alison
  • Budget – We voted on raising the entry fee to $12 for adults. It was unanimous.
  • Flyer to Kingdom
    1. FYI – Manannan MacLir – Adendra
    2. FYI – Warrior’s Games – Brigit
    3. New Baronial Serving Gear – Geoffrey
  • Olde Serving Gear – was found. But will still need the new stuff, because it’ll all be matching.
    1. Silver Chalice – We need an Autocrat, Date and a Site; any proposals?

Esme volunteered to be autocrat, they are working on a site, but probably late September for this year.

  1. New Business
    1. Fundraising:  we can’t keep tacking on expenditures for infrastructure without replacing at least some of the money.  Suggestions?
  • Trim sales,
  • Lunch at Manannan
  • We need more than just lunches
  • We can raise site prices,
  • Maybe an alcohol fundraiser,
  • Please, please, please we need suggestions!


  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Unevent – Dec 1, 2018 –Mt Olive NC
    2. Dec 8, 2018 – Toy Tourney – Nottinghill Coill
    3. Jan 11  – 13, 2019 – Twelfth Night – Virghinia Beach VA
    4. Jan 26, 2019 – NCBB & Investiture – Bennettsville SC
    5. Feb 9, 2019 – Tourney of Manannan McLir – Givhans Ferry Park
    6. Feb 22 – 24, 2019 Tourney of Ymir – Mebane N

September, 2018

A general business meeting open to all members of the Barony took place on September 29, 2018 at the Baroness Cecilia Blythe’s house. The meeting started at 14:00 and ended at 16:30. The following is an accounting of this meeting.

Baronial: The trim request from Calontir Trims has progressed to the development stages and the Baron presented an image of what the trim would look like. The orientation of the mountain and clouds was set to be horizontal for the image and some members asked about also having it run vertical. Baron Roibeard stated he would contact Calontir and see what it would entail to get both images run and approximately how much trim would a minimum order entail to do so.

Seneschal: Some of the serving ware for the Barony is still missing. In particular a tote containing some of the dishes and plates. See further discussion concerning the serving ware in New Business. Next Baronial Commons is set to take place at War of the Wings on Saturday morning at 10:30 am on site at the baronial camp.

Exchequer: per Lord Thylacine, We have money. Specifically the bank’s current account balance is $6,112.03. Silver Chalice made money. The receipt for the Baronial storage payment was received.

Marshal: not in attendance, however per Lord Pippen the Red, they are currently working on getting several youths authorized with the help of Lord Robert the Banished.

Herald: not in attendance but per Mistress Alison MacCoul, Lady Esme Bramley’s device was returned only due to a mailing issue but was back in the mail and should be reviewed sometime soon.

Arts and Science: Due to Hurricane Florence, many activities this month have happened at home. Today’s activity was graciously provided by Lady Caitrina inghean Eoin in the instruction of making an Egyptian wire woven band. Thank you Lady Caitrina for your generosity and wonderful class. There was also an A&S display at PowerCon in Florence this year so thank you to all the artisans who attended and shared your work. It was most definitely appreciated.


Chronicler: Currently Lady Qulan is performing the duties but needs to be warranted and the Barony approve of her taking the position she is covering. A motion was put forward, seconded and approved for Lady Qulan Chaghan to become the new Baronial Chronicler. As a result of her taking over these duties, it was decided to have her step down as Baronial Arts and Science officer. To take her place, the Deputy officer Lady Esme Bramley was asked to become the new Baronial A&S officer to which she agreed. A motion was moved to vote her in, it was seconded and passed. Warranting for both of these positions took place after the meeting with the appropriate signatures acquired as needed to be sent to the Kingdom officers.

Chatelaine: Lady Slaine not in attendance and no report.

Youth Minister: There is a plan for youth activities coming up at War of the Wings but Lady Katherine of the Doves is not in charge of them. YAFA is still in discussion on some of its function and procedures so not sure as of yet if it will be continuing. Lady Katherine will keep us up on this as she knows more.

MOL: Lady Caissene has stepped down from this position as previously noted so this position is currently vacant. However Lady Qulan, while MOLing at Silver Chalice, did authorize 1 new fighter to the Barony though he is not new to the SCA, had one fighter authorize in a new form, and 3 fighters renew their cards.

Web Minister: Lady Umm Samin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya reported the new Kingdom Web Minister will have our website up and running soon. She also inquired about the Clerk Signet position that the Barony was apparently supposed to have but the position appeared to be blank. She was inquiring because she wished to become the Baronial Clerk Signet. A motion was put forth, seconded and passed to allow Lady Umm Samin to assume the role of Clerk Signet for the Barony. The role of the Clerk Signet is to review, record and maintain record of all of the scrolls and awards given in the Barony. As Lady Umm Samin has been diligently working on our backlog list of scrolls, this was a most appreciated and appropriate motion.

Clerk Signet: Per Lady Umm Samin, if you know of someone within the Barony or you yourself have an award to which a scroll was to have been awarded and was not received please contact her at Please try to include the person’s name for whom the award was given, date and what the name of the award. If possible please also include the event name and/or the Baronial’s in service at the time.


Tear Seas Shore: Lord Ingvar was not in attendance but sent report via the Master Geoffrey D’Ayr. The Mannonan Mac Lir event has been spiked for February 9, 2019. Warrior’s Games has an autocrat now, Lady Bridget.

Misty Marsh: Semi-successful demo with the PowerCon 2018 in Florence, meaning several interested parties but no one has come to a meeting yet. Currently working on getting 6 new youth fighters authorized.

Moorhaven: Largess and A&S weekend in beginning plans by Lord Patris and Lady Slaine. The idea is to come over on a Friday evening, stay over the weekend and work on a project to help complete garb and largess. Details are still being worked out. Otherwise the Canton continues to do well.

Old Business:

Directory: Mistress Alisoun is looking into the Release of Information forms and other potentially required documentation for us to finish the distribution of a Baronial directory.

Silver Chalice: Lady Esme to investigate setting up next years Silver Chalice, possibly in November?

Hidden Mountain’s Baronial Birthday: will be spiked soon. We have MOL and MIC. Was motioned and voted on the proposal of assigning care and cleaning details of the site for HMBB so that one group is not burdened with it all. Motion was seconded and passed with the following results:

Camp area: Tear Seas Shore
Misty Marsh: Dining Hall
Moorhaven: Activity Field with vendor and archery area

War of the Wings: This year is Wars of the Roses with the East representing Lancaster and the West representing York. Currently we do not have any further information on the assigned camp site size allocated to our Barony. Lady Qulan requests all tent dimensions be texted or emailed to her by Friday October 12th. Currently she has only been informed that the camp will be in roughly the same location as last year.

Demo for the Myrtle Beach Ren Fair: The fair takes place on the 10th and 11th of November. Currently Lord Patris has not responded back to the official in charge of

the even so Lady Esme has taken over the communication between the Fair and us. She has managed to salvage the event for us and now is seeking a couple of fighters and artisans who can be there for either one or both days. We can camp onsite but space is limited so will need to know who will be there. Please contact Lady Esme for further information.

New Business:

We are in need of a Quartermaster. Per our policies, any person checking anything in or out of the Baronial Storage is supposed to be signing for the items with the Quartermaster taking account of what was taken and what came back. Since Baron Roibeard has essentially been doing this job, a motion was put forth for him to officially be recognized by the Barony as the Quartermaster. The motion was seconded and passed.

With the missing tote of serving ware, the idea was brought forth to replace the current serving ware. As we no longer have a full set of the dishes or the platters Master Geoffrey brought in a try made of Melamine with a black and white Acanthus leaf pattern border. This was a beautiful piece and quite durable. He also presented a cost list for all of the pieces the Barony could consider putting together for is needs. This was a list presented to him by Lord Ingvar recently due to his notice of the condition of our serving ware. Both he and Master Geoffrey offer to put forth $500 and $600 respectively into a fund to help purchase this new serving ware with the pretense of taking the $400 from the loaner armor fund that has yet to be used in over a year and lend it to this purchase as well. After much discussion a motion was put forth to close the Loaner Armor fund and remand the funds back into general use for the barony. This motion was seconded and the motion was carried. Then a motion was put forth to open a Baronial Serving Ware Replacement Fund with an opening balance having been allocated from the baronial treasure of $900 with an end date of 12/30/2019. The motion was seconded and carried. The additional contributions of $500 from Lord Ingvar and $600 from Master Geoffrey were added to the funds bringing the balance to $2000 of allocated funds to purchase replacement serving ware as listed in the brochure provided by Master Geoffrey. The actual numbers and pieces was also discussed and a motion passed upon the number an amounts of cases of plate, bowls, small dishes and other serving pieces needed. Final ordering and accounting of pieces was left to Master Geoffrey and Lord Ingvar with input from the Baron and Baroness.

Furthermore, apart from the serving ware is the issue of silverware and utensils. Currently there is not enough to fill a table of 12. The Barony put for a motion, seconded and passed to have the Baron replace the silverware that is missing and fill out the rest of the set so as to provide enough silverware for a complement of at least 12 place settings.


Having no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Hidden Mountain Baronial Commons
April 15, 2018

Meeting Started 2:05

Called to Order by Robert Himmelsbach, Seneschal –


Baroness (Krystal) – Need info on Baronial Birthday. Nothing to report. Concerned no one seems to be coming to Baronial Birthday because Crown tourney is the weekend after.
Seneschal (Robert) – This is the quarter month, so if you have reports due, please send them in.
Exchequer (Alden) – Signed checks for Baronial Birthday. He announced the storage unit needs to be paid and asked for populace approval to pay $270. Motioned, all present approved.
Marshall – Not present. No report.
Herald – not present – no report
A&S – Qulan – Looking to have a monthly meeting. Leslie looking to get a church for the meeting. The A&S before the next commons will be held June 3rd at the Baroness house and Getulio will be teaching how to prepare to make shoes. There was a discussion on cleaning baronial property.
Minister of Youth. – Katherine will be going to many events to spread the word about Yafa. The Bod lawyers are still working on correcting the current verbiage that could lead to law suits.
Minister of the List – Stepping down and need it announced in the Mayhem.
Web Minister – Sala – Web site created but still having problems getting it up on the Kingdom server.  Please send pictures for website.
Rapier Marshall – Position vacant.

Old Business:
Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday – Much discussion on set-up and schedules.New Business: Silver Chalice will be spiked soon. It will be at the Womens Center Highway 90, holds 50/60 people, $250 cost for sit $50 insurance – all motioned, seconded and approved the cost and for a check to be cut. They have a kitchen but we have to supply the propane. Master Geoffrey is doing the feast.
They have a fighting field. The Date is August 25th
.Discussion to build a 15’ by 15’ fly for Baronial Regalia. Tabled until further research on materials could be acquired.Motion made to adjourn, seconded and all approved.
Meeting ended at 3:15

Hidden Mountain Baronial Commons
March 17, 2018

Location – Misty Marsh, Baroness Cecilia’s home,
Meeting started at 2:04

Baronage – Need letters of intent for Heavy and Archery. People outside the Barony are allowed to be a Champion of Hidden Mountain.

Seneschal – It is March and quarter end for those whose reports are due. Please let Master Geoffrey know if he can be of any help.

Exchequer – We have $5,549.07 in the account. Need permission to purchase more checks. It was suggested that 2 batches be purchased along with extra deposit since you use them more. Motion made, seconded and passed.

Marshall – Nothing to report. Once a quarter trying to get a Baronial fighter practice. Lady Alisoun volunteered her house on Sunday, June 17 in Conway. More info will be forthcoming.

Herald – Nothing to report. There will be two courts at Baronial Birthday. He does not have a deputy.

A&S – Hope everyone is well and I look forward to hearing about today’s class. I am sorry to have missed it as I was really interested in learning the tapestry embroidery. I graciously thank you Lady Alisoun for lending your time and expertise for the class. It is most appreciated. Now onto my report. First I wanted to thank you to all who came out and participated in the Moorhaven event of So You Think
You Can Cook and say congratulations to the winners for a fine presentation. I will leave the further announcements of that for the autocrat. However, I have not received the report from the autocrat from this event and would like to include this information for this first quarter report. If it is available please send it to
my email address at the top of this page. Second, I wanted to touch base with the barony about our A&S activity days. I have been working with Lady Katerina (Leslie Pippin) and Lady Esme (Candace Musemuci) and soon hopefully with Lady Yvonne (Sharon Fowler) on a schedule for baronial activity days that do not necessarily center around the Commons meeting. This is a gathering to occur in addition to such workshops. In October last year a tentative plan was made to meet once every month or every other month, schedules permitting, to host an activity, usually for the benefit of the whole barony. The last one was held in Moorhaven to which I gracious say thank you to Lord Patris and Lady Slaine for opening their home for the gathering. The next one will hopefully get scheduled in Misty Marsh for sometime prior to the HMBB event to allow us to focus on banners and the hall decorations that have been pointed out by our Baroness. I would like ask Lady Katerina and Lord Pippin to secure the use of their church if possible as this would give us adequate work space. I have mentioned the request a little while back but don’t know if we had a response back yet or when a time would work best for Lady Katerina? If possible, perhaps this could be worked out today but if not I understand and will look to make an announcement by the end of the month. If we cannot get together before HMBB then in May we will certainly see to it.

Chatelaine – Many Demo’s in the Cantons.

Youth Minister – She is now Vice Chancellor of YAFA. She will be attending many events to spread the word.

MOL – Lady Caissene sent her report in – She will be the MOL at Baronial birthday and will need runners. She is stepping down as MOL but will stay until someone takes the position. MOL position will be published in
the April Mayhem.

Webminister – Abbott is stepping down. Lady Sala has offered to be Baronial Webminister with conditions since she lives in Aethelmarc.

Tear-Sea’s Shore – Seneschal not present, Mistress Alison reported. Warriors Games is scheduled for July 14th and since that is Bastille day we are going French theme. Mistress Adendra will have her sno-cone machine going.

Misty Marsh – Seneschal Lord Pippin, turned the report to Lady Caitrinia and Moore Middle school demo coming up this Friday, March 23rd. They have 7 stations for Arts and Sciences. The local TV station may be there

Moorhaven – They are having regular meetings.
Event Report – So you think you can Cook!
Sunday, March 25th they are having a Duct Tape dummies for garb. Contact Lady Esme for details.

Old Business

Event Report for Manannan

Directory Discussion on acquiring names.

Baronial Birthday
Things are progressing well for HMBB. So far at my last communication with people:
We have our MOL, Marshals and A&S setup for the event, we now also have the menu (see below) from the 3 Barons which will get posted soon to the website. There will be Fighting for all ages, including youths and Archery. Thank you to Lady Cassiene, Sir Hrothgar, Lady Jorunn, Lord Robert the Banished, Lady Katherine of
the Doves and of course all three Barons for your support. We have two merchants that have said they will setup for us, currently that is Crafty Celts and Seekers of the Temple. There will also be a couple of A&S
competitions and classes as mentioned on the website. One thing not on the website is a largess construction for our Baroness of little dragons, to go into our largess gift baskets. This activity was just sent to me so I don’t
have too many in depth details or pictures but they are cute and should make a fun activity for all ages at the event. I want to say a special thanks to Lord Patris who has taken time out of his busy schedule to help make site tokens. I have a few other things on my plate to try to get hashed out such as a steward for the hall along
with a group dedicated to put up and help take down the decorations’ have also been speaking with Lady Katheryn M’Kethirryke about possibly hosting a Queen’s tea during the midday since our event has now become a Royal Progress. There is one thing though I could really use assistance with. I have been trying to get back in touch with Lord Seamus who is our MIC to discuss the tournament plans and layout for the Eric. If any
of our fighters have contact with him in the next couple of weeks either at a demo or event please let him know I need to speak with him. Sir Hrothgar your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. As for prizes, we have had a couple of items to be volunteered from one of our newest members Lord Getulio D’Amalfi (Ben Lantaigne) and from Lady Jorunn. I am still working on filling in the details for the prizes. menu details per Lord Ingvar: Manakeish: flat bread of water, yeast flour and salt Hariri: soup of vegetable stock, onion, garlic, lentils, tomatoes, chickpeas, cilantro, parsley, lemon juice,
turmeric, ginger, and cumin Butter Chicken Pies : pie of butter, chicken, yogurt, tumeric, onions, carrots, spinach, saffron rice and pie crust Lamb Kabobs: lamb, rutabaga, eggplant, onions and tomatoes Carrot Halwa: carrots, milk, water, ghee, sugar and cardamom See updates on Website. Menu has been posted.
Prizes needed and Qulan will contact those who have volunteered prizes.
There will be a morning court around 10:30ish to announce Champion contenders.

New Business 

Sillver Chalice – Lady Esme volunteered to autocrat. Group decided Aug 25th instead of September be cause there was too much event conflict in September. Tentatively at Britton Center – Group motioned, seconded and unanimously approved of $100 for site and $50 for insurance to be distributed for event.
Here Excellency wants the group to start on next year Baronial Birthday NOW. Jorunn to check on possibility of new site.

Next meeting on April 15 at Master Geoffrey’s house, 199 Cabrill Ave., North Charleston
Meeting motioned, seconded and approved by all to close. Meeting closed at 3:18.

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