Kingdom Award Recommendation System

Down and Dirty – How to get in the Award Recommendation System.

Navigate to the Atlantian Web page and from the Awards Menu, select ‘Award Recommendations’ from the drop down selections.

Request an Account if you do not have one already. Be sure to put the group you reside, i.e., Canton of Tear Sea’s Shore, Barony of Hidden Mountain. This is so people can find you and when they recommend it will go to the Baron and Baroness of the Barony.

When you get a logon, open your account. In the upper left corner select Edit Account Profile. Make sure your account is filled out with the name of your Barony in the Home Branch section. Fill out as much information as you have or are willing to share.   SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Friends and Family. You can collect SCA friends that you will be watching to recommend for awards and they you. This section is pretty self explanatory. This tool also keeps track of those folks you have recommended. The ‘List of Awards’ on the page lists all the awards in the Kingdom. To get your barony awards go the Order of Precedence, look up your Barony and find the link that lists the Baronial awards. Please be sure to list the events you will be attending. This is to help the Baronage and Royals when handing out awards.

This is a very important part of our role in the SCA organization; to make recommendations for those fellow Scadians you deem deserving.  Please recommend often, then go to court to watch their surprise and joy!

Mistress Jorunn – Baronial Webminister

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