Events – Hidden Mountain Birthday 2023 Feast Info: Please read

Greetings from THL Constantia in der Lachun, Kitchen Head for Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday & Investiture 2023!

I few details about the HMBB&I feast this year. This menu was originally created for an outdoor event consisting of classes which were very messy and could only be done outdoors i.e., woad dying. Therefore, creating a Mostly Messes Feast (2013) all redacted from English Medieval Recipes originally from Harleian MS. 279 (1390) & MS 4016 (1440) and Forme of Cury IV (August 30, 1398-1444) all original text in Curye on Inglysch. Redactions have been done over many years starting in 2009 up until this week, March 10, 2023. I hope you continue to read to make your feast experience more enjoyable.

To augment this typical medieval banquet, TRENCHERS are being served with the 2nd Remove. A plate with a lip around the edge is useful.

There are 4 sauces for the two meats being served. If you do not like your food running together or touching (I do know a few chefs which don’t like food touching) bring with you small bowls.

A “Bones Bowl” is very useful to have on the table. This is a bowl to collect unwanted remains off your plate and to remove bits before the next course shows up at your table.

There will be a dessert course which warrants a new/clean plate.

For cleanup, please scrap remains into the trash cans outside of the kitchen in the dining hall and wrap dirty dishes in a large plastic trash bag (which you bring with you) for transport.

Also, any help with cleaning up the kitchen would be greatly appreciated since the kitchen staff has been cooking and cleaning throughout the entire day.

Finally, if you want to help in the kitchen, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email listed or text. I have everything from boiling water to taking a recipe and executing it. I have a “Pre- Shift” meeting usually at the end of the breakfast time in the Hall.

Hope to see you there. In Service, Constantia2008[at] or 425.269.6558.

Trenchers – The original trencher was a piece of bread that other food would be served on and eaten from. With this type of trencher, a diner could either eat her plate or donate it to someone who was poor and hungry.,served%20on%20and%20eaten%20from.

Dessert – The term “dessert” comes from the Old French desservir, “to clear a table”, literally “to un-serve”, and originated during the Middle Ages.


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