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Hidden Mountain has a great many artisans who practice a wide variety of the arts and sciences of the middle ages.  Our children also participate in many of these arts.

Our A & S meetings can be found on the baronial calendar.

Some of our artists:

Sir Hrothgar Ravensson, of the Canton of Moorhaven, enjoy a variety of different art forms within the SCA. Mainly he does wood-burning & scroll illumination. Lately he has been combining these two art forms.  While challenging, it has been a lot of fun. He has a background in art starting at an early age. The society has really given him a place to practice different aspects of creating things.  Photos provided by Sir Hrothgar and used with his permission.


Lord Pippin the Red, of the Canton of  Misty Marsh is one of our versatile artists. when he isn’t fighting, or helping his three daughters learn to fight, he manages to find time to make lovely jewelry, and other items, such as his wax tablets.  Photos by Lord Pippin the red, used with permission.


Lady Slaine inghean ni Seachnasaigh .  I make coiled baskets out of pine needles. Coiled baskets are one of the oldest crafts, with evidence of their construction being found dating from Neanderthal times up until present day. Baskets were made across the world using similar methods out of locally available materials.  Photos by Lady Slaine, used with permission.



Lord Getulio d’Amalfi  Photos by Lord Getulio d’Amalfi, used with permission.


Lady Umm Samin bint Asad al Isfahaniyya from Hidden Mountain focuses on illuminations and other painting related arts with a few other things thrown in.  Photos by Lady Umm Samin, used with permission.


A few A & S activities children might enjoy:

Art history for youth

Middle Ages  Art and Literature

Links to webpages of some of Hidden Mountain’s artists:

Mistress Jorunn nic Lochlainn’s Journal

Lady UmmSamin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya

Kingdom A & S Info

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