In 1984 a group of enthusiastic Atlantians gathered together to establish the Barony of Hidden Mountain. It has grown over the years to include three cantons with many members in each.

The Canton of Misty Marsh by the Sea, the Canton of Tear-Sea’s Shore, and the most recent addition, the Canton of Moorhaven.

Our first Baron was Syr Uldon Ungol. He was followed by a succession of Barons and Baronesses, each striving to make the Barony bigger, better, stronger.

During its formative years, meetings were held in an area that had a somewhat rocky terrain.  One small, but determined rock, took it upon himself to trip as many people as it could, and soon was known as That (blankety blank) Hidden Rock!  As more people were tricked by this cunning rock into falling, the name morphed into That (blankety blank) Hidden Mountain.

As the name for this new Barony was debated that duplicitous and egotistical rock took it upon himself to trip even more people- until suddenly the new Barony’s name became instantly clear.  Thus was born the Barony of Hidden Mountain.  The rock, being appeased, subsided into the ground and tripped no more.

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